July Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

All links and information on the website is current and functional! There were fewer dead links this month than there have been in the past. Perhaps that’s a good thing on behalf of my continual pruning, or perhaps it’s just the community on the internet is better about keeping their sites running. I’m inclined to assume it’s the latter, optimism is healthy.

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June Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

My how time flies when you have an infant. I have kept the website clean, however, and continue to add descriptions to the tutorials section. Likewise I have added some living history groups to the Groups Billboard as I find them. If I’m missing someone, let me know! I want everyone to be included. Speaking of making sure people are included, I am quite pleased to add Matthew Blacks, the Captain of the Guard to the member roll of the Household of Dinthwaite!

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May Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

Work around the turnip-sphere has been fairly light this month, owing to the new baby! All infants are a bundle of joy, but also a bundle of work, and a bundle of sleep deprivation, and I love her all the same, but I take an active role in the lives of my children which, when they’re this age, is a sizable burden of time. Not to fear! I’ve kept the lights on, and even had a bit of fun! Plus, I’ve added the Media-Eval podcast to the website list, and I have been able to start adding some descriptions to items on various lists which need more explanation than just a boring link.

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How Two Medieval Episode Twenty Seven

How Two Medieval Featured Image

Episode Audio

Join Ari and Matt as they discuss the difficult realities and circumstances involved when introducing elements of an impression which are supported by only a few source materials, pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for success. 

April Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

The website has been checked for bad links and everything is working. I have made some edition to the resources as I have encountered them over the course of the month. Most notably a Friend of The Turnip, Reenactment Rik, who runs the YouTube channel Historic Echoes has launched a new website for his personal business as a living historian. This new “home base” for his videos and social media channels has been added to the Medieval Content Creators resource. I have also added a new video tutorial regarding the making of leather cases, primarily for books in period, but great for cell phones now a-days.

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Guest Appearance on Modern Medieval: The Podcast

Medieval Living History feat. Turnip of Terror Modern Medieval: A NWMSN Postgraduate Podcast

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Hydration in a Medieval Context

Hydration is incredibly important, as the average reader may be aware. Proper hydration is a vital issue for overall health and wellness. This article is not about trying to convince you to hydrate, be it hot out or cold out, active or sedentary, you already know you should. My goal is to take all of the advice and tactics out there regarding healthy hydration habits and interpret them into medieval contexts suitable for spending a day or a weekend at an event.

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Why You Love Swords

In about a month I will be participating in the online Art of the Sword Conference which has gotten my mind swirling with thoughts about swords, where the adoration for them stems from, how they have managed to remain such a pervasive symbol in human culture and why we love them. In this video I distill my thoughts on the subject.

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