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One of those enduring questions is, who does medieval living history near me? Where’s the local medieval reenactment groups? This is a list and map of medieval reenactment and living history groups which represent the medieval umbrella from the common era until the renaissance, about 1500 CE. Medieval themed combat groups, HEMA, WMA, etc. who do not also participate in living history with an eye towards public interaction and education will be on a separate (upcoming) list.

If you’re not on the list I have a submission form at the bottom of the page. Contact me with a link, your time period, and location. Do not hesitate to contact me using the same form if you’re on here and do not want to be or need me to modify your entry.


The Company of Saynt George: An artillery company of the 15th century.

Historia Normannis: A 12th-century living history group

Regia Anglorum: 10th – 11th Century

The Vikings: Re-enacting the life, times and battles of 8-11th century Britain.



The Empire of Chivalry and Steel [9th – 17th c.]
The general recreation of the culture of the Middle Ages including all of the Art Forms, Events (Feasts, Tournaments, Ceremonies and Wars) and Combat Arts from that period.

The Pacific West

House Capuchin [pre 1600] Waldport, Oregon
House Capuchin is a mostly A&S Household, from largesse and cookery that we do together to embroidery, timepieces, carving, music and other crafts that we do on our own we come together to enjoy and share our love for history.

The Fellowship of the Black Swan [14th c.] Seattle, Washington
Based primarily in the greater Seattle area, we participate in fairs, festivals, and medieval events throughout the Northwestern US and beyond. Publicly, we portray a mid-to-late 14th century English military archers’ company. Privately, we offer a place for like-minded individuals to share their passion for the middle ages, hone their skills as a craftsperson, and learn by doing.

The Intermountain Region

Company of the Lynx Argent [14th – 15th c.] Columbia, Oklahoma
A group of people interested in historical armored combat, the study of historical knightly culture, medieval reenactment, and material culture from 1350-1490.

The Outremer Society [12th c.] Bozeman, Montana
An educational society devoted to the study of medieval culture in the Outremer circa 1100-1300AD.

The Midwest

The Household of Dinthwaite (Neep Manor) [Early 15th Century] Lansing, Kansas
A living history group in the Lansing/Leavenworth area recreating the members of a minor English knightly fief located in Cheshire County, England c. 1400 – 1420.

Historical European Martial Arts of Kansas City [14th – 15th Century] Kansas City, Kansas
A living history and HEMA group.

The Northeast

La Belle Compagnie [14th / 15th c.] Manassas, Virginia
A living history group that presents a medieval household and military company of the fictitious Sir Geoffrey Peel, a knight of Hampshire during the Hundred Years War between England and France (1337 to 1453).

The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword [14th/15th c] Lebanon, Maine
A dedicated to the presentation and practice of medieval history and Historical European Martial Arts.

The Company of the Wolfe Argent [15th c] Worcester, Massachusetts
The Company of the Wolfe Argent is dedicated to portraying the members of the Second Chambre of the Third Escadre of the Tenth Company of the Ordonnances of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, their families, and the support personnel of the company. The company is known and represented by its violet standard with St. Julian the Hospitallar at the hoist.

The Longship Company [9th Century] Accokeek, Maryland
The Longship Company, Ltd. is a non-profit educational organization devoted to increasing understanding and knowledge of the life, culture, technology, commerce, and exploration of the early northern European seafarers and those with whom they came into contact.

Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia [11th c.] Greenbelt, Maryland
A non-profit historical educational organization, incorporated in Maryland and operating mostly from the Virginias through the New York City area. We re-enact medieval life by constructing and using reproductions of the period’s accouterments.

The Southeast

The Company of the Black Spear [14th/15th c.] Savannah, Georgia
A living history group presenting a military camp between 1400-1420.



Order of St. Knud [14th c.]
he Order of St Knud, is a re-enactment community interested in the values, lifestyles and everything 14th century. Although the group takes its name from a Holy Royal Saint from Denmark, and its current master’s household is based in Odense, it allows its members to portray a person from any of the Medieval countries that traded, or even fought with Denmark during the reign of Valdemar IV Attadage.

New South Wales

The Company of the Staple [14th c.] Sydney
The Company of the Staple Inc is a modern entity formed for re-enacting activities associated with The Company of the Great Staple at Calais as it was in the year 1376. The point here was that there was a real Company of the Staple, not to be confused with the modern re-enactment entity The Company of the Staple Inc.


Citadel Medieval Society [14th c.] Browns Plains
Citadel is a medieval re-enactment group based at Browns Plains in Brisbane, Queensland. The aim of our group is to enjoy what we do and share our common interest with others. Citadel Preforms at History Alive, Abbey and many other various events.

The Companye of Northumbria [12th c.] Brisbane
The Companye of Northumbria is a medieval re-enactment group based in Brisbane, Australia. We focus on the 12th century in Northumbria, England during the reign of Henry II, although “travellers” from other regions of Europe have also joined our ranks. We strive to learn more about this period in history through research and practical application of historical methods.

Companie Draco Routiers [14th c.] Brisbane
The Companie Draco Routiers is based on a mercenary company that draws its origins from the exiled Saxon nobles of Kingdom of Wessex. As such it uses the fallen kingdom’s heraldry of the golden Wyvern on a red field. The goal of this group is to recreate the martial aspect of the late 14th century training in weapons and the combat of the period, while also covering other aspects of living history.

Company of the Phoenix [15th c.] Brisbane
The company of the Phoenix recreates the High Medieval Period, as a free Company travelling through the cities and states of Europe, during the years 1435 – 1485. The company portrays a wide variety of personas, ranging from Nobility, pilgrims, merchants, tradesmen and archers, to men-at-arms, knights, and brewers.

Condottieri [15th c] Brisbane
The Condottieri is a group dedicated to recreating the look and feel of an Italian mercenary encampment in the late 15th century.

Forn Vegr [10th c.] Darling Downs
FORN VEGR is Old Norse for ‘ancient ways’ and we are a Viking Living History Group focusing on the Vikings who lived, worked and traded in the major trading port of Hedeby during the 10th Century.

Jorth Gar [10th c.] Gold Coast
The Jorth Gar branch of the New Varangian Guard concentrates its living history re-enactment primarily on the earlier Varangian Guardsmen of Viking origin, and their many exploits and accomplishments.

Knights of the Empire Germanica [High Middle Ages] Alexandria Hills
The Knights of the Empire Germanica Inc. (KEG) strive to portray the Knights and Germanic people of the Holy Roman Empire from the mid-11th Century through to the end of the 15th century, with a particular focus on the ‘Order of the House of St. Mary of the Germans in Jerusalem’, commonly referred to as the ‘Teutonic Order’ and its history, arms, armour, Rules & Statutes.

Order of the Dracul [15th c.] Brisbane
The Order of the Dracul is a Brisbane based Living History Group focused on investigating and re-evaluating the life and times of Prince Vlad III of Wallachia. He is better known to history as “Vlad the Impaler”. His life and exploits form the basis of Bram Stoker’s fictional character “Count Dracula”.

Western Australia

The Grey Company [7th – 12th c.] Perth, Western Australia
The Grey Company is a group based in Perth, Western Australia, which puts on displays of historical re-enactment focusing on the Dark Ages and Medieval times. Most of our displays are centred on the so-called Dark Ages of European History (600-1100AD).


The United Kingdom and Ireland

Britannia XIV Medieval Re-enactment [14th c.] Craigmillar, Glasgow, Dundee, Melrose, and Falkirk
A medieval re-enactment group which aims to recreate the life, crafts and wars of the years 1296 to 1348.Britannia XIV is a Charity registered with the Scottish Charities Commission. Charity No: SC050314.

Brotherhood of Aman Re-Enactment Society [12th – 13th c.]
We are a group of like minded people who have a vision of re-enacting to bring history alive and “educate through re-enactment” by bringing the period to the public in an entertaining but still “accurate” way and involve them as much as possible.

Buckingham’s Retinue [Late 15th c.] Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and Yorkshire
Our society is a non profit orgainsation that exists to reconstruct and re-enact late medieval and early tudor life, recreating the period known as ‘The Wars of the Roses’.

The Clarence Household [Late 15th c.] Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
We are the Clarence Household; a society who specialise in displaying social and military aspects of the English late medieval period, specifically the turbulent era known as the Wars of the Roses (1460-1485).

The Company of 1415 [Early 15th c.] Chatham, Kent
The Company of 1415 was founded in the 1970s by a group of like-minded Medieval Enthusiasts who wanted to share their knowledge and passion for all things to do with Medieval Archery, especially with the role the Medieval Archer played in our famous win at the Battle of Agincourt.

Dawn of Chivalry [13th c.] Hartlepool, Durham
A non-profit organisation that recreates a realistic and fun to watch travelling knights tournament of the 13th century. We are a small but family-friendly and inclusive medieval re-enactment society based in Hartlepool in the North East of England.

The De Caversham Household [14th c.] Cardiff, South Wales
We are a small, independent living history group who offer an accurate, immersive experience of everyday life during the Hundred Years War, c. 1337-60.

Destrier [15th c.] Leeds, West Yorkshire
Destrier is acknowledged as a pioneer of modern jousting, and as the leading display team for 15th century mounted soldiery and chivalry in Europe.

Escafeld Mediaeval Society [13th c.] Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Escafeld Mediaeval Society was formed over 40 years ago by a group of Police Officers based in Sheffield. It all started in 1971 as the entertainment for the annual Police Gala where the aforementioned group performed a display on the theme of the Wild West.

The Ferrers Household [15th c.] Stafford, Staffordshire
We are the Ferrers Household a 15th Century Reenactment Society portraying the retained men and women under the command of our Lord Sir Walter Devereux – Lord Ferrer.

The Knights of Skirbeck [14th-15th c.] Boston, Lincolnshire
We are a medieval reenactment society depicting the life of a medieval household, helping defend England from raids and competing in tournaments during the late fourteenth & early fifteenth centuries.

The Medieval Siege Society [Hundred Years War & Wars of the Roses] Gravesend, Kent
The Society is made up of households and individuals based upon historical retinues of the fifteenth century who actually took part in the Hundred Years War and Wars of the Roses.

The Poor Knights of St. Dysmas [General Medieval] Cheshire
We are a re-enactment group based in Cheshire. We take part in historical re-enactment events, mostly Medieval, throughout the country. These vary from smaller events to prestigious national festivals. As part of these events we take part in foot combat, archery, black powder gunnery and ‘living history’ demonstrations.

The Red Wyvern Society [15th c.] Barnoldswick, Lancashire
Our objective is to re-create as many aspects of life as possible during the Fifteenth Century, for the enjoyment and education of our members and the general public through living history displays and battle re-enactments.

Rosa Mundi [15th c.] Redcar and Cleveland, North Yorkshire
Rosa Mundi have perfected a style of presenting  re- enactment  and living history displays while fully interacting with members of the public. We display multiple aspects of 15c century life, and specialise in the ‘Wars of the Roses’ period between 1475 and 1500, a period that saw the end of the Plantagenets, the rise of the Tudors , and the start of the renaissance.

Team Falchion [14th c.] Draycott, Somerset
A group of Medieval enthusiasts who enjoy portraying the 14th century through crafts, education and combat re-enactment.

Tournée [Late 14th c.]
Tournée is a national society of around 40 members who portray the period from approximately 1300 to 1350, and in particular the reign of Edward II from 1307 to 1327 when England was staggering from one crisis to another under a king who is widely regarded as weak and easily led by influential favourites.

Vanguard [13th c.] Hartlepool, Durham
Founded by William Mckenzie, himself a seasoned re-enactor, Vanguard is a medieval battle re-enactment group based in the North East. We operate out of Hartlepool but enjoy battle events throughout the UK.

Wolfshead Bowmen: [13th – 15th c.] East Sussex
Britain’s premier longbow demonstration group, founded in 1992. We are a company of archers dedicated to the use of this weapon that became the backbone of the English army during the mediaeval period.

Wythe Retinue [15th c.]
We are a non-profit group, providing living history for the heritage, education and private sectors. Our historical re-enactments and educational presentations bring 15th and 16th Century social, political and military history to life.

The York City Levy [Late 15th c.]
York City Levy are a re-enactment group portraying common men and women of the City of York from the second half of the 15th century.



Knights of the Northern Realm [14th Century]
We study authentic combat, period armour, historical clothing, and medieval history. We volunteer for charities around Edmonton as well as paid performances for school visits, weddings, birthday parties, private events, festivals, and cultural gatherings.




Fähnlein Rattenschhwanz [15th c.]
Czech (mostly) reenactment group, portraying the swiss pikemen during the Burgundian Wars in 1470s with all the necessary camp equipment and personnel, as well as the training and spiritual life.


Famaleonis [15th c.] Italy
Our Association is determined to reconstruct how an italian mercenary group of soldiers used to live in the Romagna area between 1465 and 1495.This exact and well outlined characterization of time and space constitutes the premise of high quality and accuracy in historical reconstruction.

Lame della Torre [Late 14th c.] Pavia, Italy
A HEMA and medieval reenactment group based in Pavia, Italy, composed of men-at-arms and civilians reconstructing civil and military life of the second half of the XIVth century. The group studies uses and customs of the period, carrying out a thorough and continuous historical research on fighting systems, weapons, armor and clothing. The company is also involved in artistic fencing and choreographed fights and duels, with emphasis on both historical accuracy and epicness.


Albrechts Bössor [14th c.]
We aim to show the troops sent to Stockholm in 1395 from the Prussian Hansa under the command of Albrecht Russe (more specifically the Thorn contingent.) We also aim to show some civilian work and female aspects of the 15th century. We specialize in the lower class of soldiers, leaving the knights to others.

Sankte Örjens Gille [Early 16th c.] Dalarna, Sweden
The group aims to recreate the life in early 16th century Dalarna, mainly based around Gustav Vasa’s war of liberation in 1521.


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