Neep Manor Online Archery Match

Hosted by The Turnip of Terror, the Neep Manor Online Archery Match is a monthly online “postal” style archery competition for medieval historians, reenactors, and medieval era bow enthusiasts. Compete from the comfort of your own home against the medievalist community across the globe for glory, prestige, and the ultimate privilege of choosing the course of fire for next month’s round!

Time Left in the September Match!


The 300

A fairly standardized shoot in multiple ends to get a good series of reps in this month. As a postal match, each end does not need to be loosed in the same day, so you’re welcome to do this over a few weekends on the range to avoid fatigue (or freezing depending on where you live.)

Target: Any approximation of a standard 60 cm 10 ring archery target.

Arrows: 5 per end

Range: 20 yards

Scoring: Center ring 10, -1 point per ring, centers count for golds.

Registration costs $3 per entrant per match. Members of the household register for free!

2023 Overall Standings

Everyone who has competed in any match during 2023, by rating.

The Turnip of Terror (Unrated), .25

September 2023 Scores

Everyone who has submitted scores for the February 2023 match.

The Turnip of Terror (Unrated), 11 pts.

May 2023 Scores

Everyone who has submitted scores for the February 2023 match.

The Turnip of Terror (Unrated), 8 pts.

January 2023 Scores

Everyone who has submitted scores for the January 2023 match.

The Turnip of Terror (Unrated), 2 pts.

Honor and the Online Archery Match

Even before pandemics, the spread out nature of individuals in the medieval living history and reenactment community lends itself to the postal style archery match. Of course we use the term “postal” as a leftover from the bygone days before the internet. The online archery version of the postal match scores uses scores submitted online or through photographs. The principle is the same: compete from home, or from your local group or club, with familiar equipment in environments you’re used to and on your own timeline without the expense of travel.

Everyone is welcome to participate from the first time shooter to veteran twangers, regardless of country or unit/club/group affiliation. The prizes are predominantly personal satisfaction and bragging rights, though small stickers, tassels, medals, and the like are periodically available. We are in this because we enjoy archery, enjoy medieval history, and want to have fun and keep the rust off our archery skills in a friendly and motivating way!

As such, you are charged with our trust to mark your own targets and submit your scores honestly. With the exception of the few competitions where photos of the targets are mailed in for review, only in select circumstances will anyone call your submitted scores into question or require proof. In the spirit of the event, I expect you will conduct your match with honor and use the same sense of integrity you would during a tournament in person. If you’re going to practice first, go ahead, but declare to yourself your attempt: don’t go again if you don’t like your score and don’t stop and restart just because you’re not doing as well as you’d want. Even if you don’t like your score, submit it anyway! Your participation in the online archery match may motivate someone else to join in, or keep competing.

Online Archery Match Equipment Rules:

  • Modern targets are often used for ease and integrity of scoring. Traditional equipment and technique appropriate to England and Continental Europe of the mid and high medieval eras will be adhered to by the archer. Medieval attire during shoots is not required, but encouraged.
  • Archery Matches will use longbow / self bow / stick bow / flatbow or similar style bows. This is broadly defined as a bow with string contact only at the string nocks. These bows do not have rests or shelves and are made from wood and/or other natural materials. Bows may be laminated, but no other man-made materials outside of glue may be used.
  • Stabilizers or counterweights, or bows built up to serve the same function, will not be allowed
  • Protruding bow sights are not allowed.
  • No cushion plungers or similar mechanical or metal apparatus.
  • Arrows will be made of wood and fletched with feathers. Points shall be of a type that will not inflict undue damage to target faces or buttresses (generally field tips and short bodkin style arrowheads.) Point weight may be of any value. Maximum arrow diameter is 9.3mm.
  • Finger protection in the form of finger stalls or tips, gloves, shooting tab or tape (plaster) is allowed to draw, hold back and release the string, providing it does not incorporate any device to help in holding, drawing, and releasing the string. For example – mechanical releases or hooks are not permitted. A separator between the fingers to prevent pinching the arrow may be used. On the bow hand a glove, mitten, or similar item may be worn.
  • Binoculars, spotting scopes, and coaching are not permitted on the shooting line.


  • Scoring uses the honor system, unless defined in match rules.
  • Bounce-outs are neither reshot nor scored.
  • Scores and score corrections can be submitted through the submission form on the website, or by email to
  • Scores can be submitted at any time during the month, all the way to the last day of the month.
  • Scores will be posted after scores are submitted and registration is complete for that match.
  • Photos / scans of the target are not required unless requested.
  • Line breaks are awarded to the highest ring touched, unless otherwise defined in the match.


Placing will be judged by total score, greatest to least. Ties will be broken by the greatest number of highest scoring arrows. If the number of highest scoring arrows is the same, the tie will be broken by the largest number of arrows on target. If arrows on target are the same then the tie will be broken by the highest number of golds (as defined as the center most scoring zone for that round’s target.)

Special mention will be made for metrics alongside total score. Of the remaining archers after highest score, the most hits on target will be acknowledged. Tie breaks in these special mentions follow the same precedence as ranking as appropriate. Of the remaining archers after highest score and highest hits an archer will receive a nod for the most golds.


A competitor’s online archery rating is the representation of their skill over the course of multiple shoots. Ratings can be used along with or instead of Classifications to sort archers more evenly based on their skill. Rating are cumulative and are calculated based on the last three submitted scores. The calculation takes into account overall score, hits on targets, and golds. Scores older than one year will not count toward an archer’s rating.

  • Unrated: an archer with fewer than three recorded scores, or a rating score below .5.
  • Novice Archer: a rating score above .5
  • Archer: a rating score above 2.5
  • Deadeye Archer: a rating score above 5
  • Master Archer: a rating score above 7.5
  • The Lord’s Own Archer: a rating score above 9.5


Currently there is just one classification: participant. If participation grows, a Senior category (60+ years), a Junior category (<18 years), and/or a Children category (<13 years) may be created. A Sapling category can be used for those who are in their first year participating in archery.

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