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Ari (AKA The Turnip of Terror) is a medieval reenactment and living history participant, historical weapons martial artist, and armor enthusiast. He has participated in living history and reenactment activities both professionally and as a hobby since 2006. He got his start in 19th century maritime living history as well as a come and go member of the SCA. The Turnip of Terror website and its related Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Patreon pages are where Ari curates and shares medieval content, both his and from around the world. He maintains reliable link and resource lists, shares reviews of events, interviews with prominent figures in the hobby, tips, product reviews, videos, community resources, etc. delivered with a unique blend of humor and heart.

In addition:

  • Co-host of the How Two Medieval Podcast (RSS link), a show focused on laying out basic medieval living history and reenactment concepts in an easy to digest audio format.
  • The voice of the Medieval Herauld (RSS link), a simple, and direct medieval news brief sharing stories, news, and developments in the study of medieval history of interest to those seeking to develop authentic and accurate living history and reenactment impressions.


Special Appearances:

Other works:
He contributes a recurring article to the online magazine Explosive Runes called “Beatsticks” adding historical context to the weapons of fantasy role-playing games.

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Your print articles are awesome.

Chris Kerr (01/24/2020)

The Turnip of Terror is a fantastic way for people to learn about the world of medieval reenactment. It’s a great resource for those starting out in reenactment, and a great source to be utilized by veteran reenactors as well.

Matt Blazek (02/28/2020)

The man behind The Turnip of Terror is extremely knowledgable about living history. When there are new things to learn, he does the work to research what needs to be discovered with the correct information. He also keeps things fresh and interesting on his page. There is always something to be explored. Check him out!

Karley (02/28/2020)

One turnip to rule them all

Amir Levanon (08/20/2020)