April Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

The website has been checked for bad links and everything is working. I have made some edition to the resources as I have encountered them over the course of the month. Most notably a Friend of The Turnip, Reenactment Rik, who runs the YouTube channel Historic Echoes has launched a new website for his personal business as a living historian. This new “home base” for his videos and social media channels has been added to the Medieval Content Creators resource. I have also added a new video tutorial regarding the making of leather cases, primarily for books in period, but great for cell phones now a-days.

From Neep Manor

Turnip Talk: What is a Reenactor?

Episode Audio The term reenactor can mean a number of different things, but when it comes to medieval living history and reenactment, what makes a reenactor a reenactor? Attribution:Château de Guédelon This podcast was made possible by the support of the community through Patreon. If you find this content valuable, consider joining on Patreon for…

Guest Appearance

These last few months have been all about the podcasting, it seems. In addition to turning one of my popular videos into a podcast for those to enjoy when away from a screen, I was invited to be a guest on Modern Medieval: The Podcast. For those unfamiliar, they have been on my resources list and I personally followed them before they invited me on, Meaghan and Elo are students of medieval studies who channel some of these interests into an educated analysis and insight into the places where medieval culture crops up in popular media. We mostly discussed living history and I had a delightful time.

Pilgrim Progress Challenge – Another Year Done!

This month over thirty pilgrims tirelessly walked and logged their mileage in this year’s Pilgrim Progress Challenge. The morning of May 1st I will start to gather and record final mileage, at what point we will also be identifying the winner of the Instagram photo contest. But the baby may come any day now. Worst case, results may delay by a a few days and we’ll wrap everything up by the end of the first week of May. Matt may also be able to help take the baton and help wrap up, but I’m loathe to put all that work on him alone as this is a team effort. I appreciate your patience first of all, but I am also stoked by how well everyone has done this year! Go Pilgrims!

News Bulletin

These are the articles and videos which I shared in April which I think are beneficial to the medieval living history community. To see them in real time, follow on Facebook.

  • A YouTube video on rabbits in medieval England and their import by the Normans.
  • An news article on the restoration of the oldest working defensive gate door at Hay Castle.
  • An news article on the discovery of a hillfort in Dunkeld.
  • A stunning Facebook photo album titled “Noblesse 1337-1453”
  • A video demonstration by Morgan Donner on how to make a 15th century leather case.
  • A news article on the discovery of what may be an ancient log boat in the bottom of the River Boyne.
  • A video recipe by Monk’s Modern Medieval Cuisine on making Crustard of Erbes on a Fysche Day.


How Two Medieval Featured Image

How Two Medieval released two episodes this month.

  • Episode 24 – Backstories to Personas and Impressions (56:26 in length): we discuss the benefits of generating a detailed backstory for your impression, when a backstory crosses over into the territory of creating a character and not a personal, and at what point backstory may have diminishing returns for one’s living history experience.
  • Episode 25 – Mini Events (54:04 in length): We talk about our ideas of what constitutes a mini event, how they differ from meetings or large events, and some considerations involved in any event big or small. 

Community Conversations


In this conversation I asked the community for their thoughts on the suspension of the type of costrel with a cylinder construction and a bung located on the side of the bottle. They all seem to have straps right next to the bung, and there are also a variety of ways in which they appear to have been carried. The discussions were aimed at exploring why and how they would achieve the various configurations seen in artwork.

March Hall of Fame

A highlight of some of the most popular things on the Turnip Network. Do you have content you think is a candidate next month? Tag me on Facebook or use the hashtag #turnippicks on Instagram for a chance to be featured on the page, and if you make the top, a mention in the newsletter!


So here are the top three #turnippicks photos posted in April and receiving the most likes on Instagram. If you would like your photo features tag your photo with the hashtag #turnippicks or contact me through direct message.

Facebook Fun

These are the most liked posts on Facebook in April (with a tie for third). For a chance to make it on this list tag me in your post on Facebook or send me an instant message and I may share it!

Future Projects

Previously I have been listing the ideas I’ve had in the works so people can have some bearings as to what may come out soon, but more to give the community the opportunity to give feedback on what they want to see next. However, one of the perks I have for those who support the project on Patreon is access to a poll every month where they can have a direct vote on what they want me to work on. Upon reflection, I will be continuing the poll there for those supporting me at that level and phasing it out of the newsletter.

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