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Medieval Tutorials

UPDATED 03/01/2022

Fabric Handicrafts

How To Make Tassels
In this picture and print tutorial Rosalie demonstrates making tassels suitable for purses and cushions, etc. in medieval material culture.

Lucet Braid: Making A Four Sided Square Lace
In this picture and print tutorial Rosalie demonstrates the four sided square lace using a lucet, suitable for drawstrings and lacing. Unlike round fingerloop lacing, this square lacing is slip free.

How To Make Medieval Cloth Buttons To Match Your Clothes Or Hood
In this picture and print tutorial Rosalie demonstrates making fabric buttons.

Tablet Weaving the Edge of a Hood
In this picture and print tutorial Katafalk outlines how to apply a tablet woven edge. The example is a hood, however, this tutorial can be translated to the edge of any garment you wanted to tablet weave onto.

Sewing Fundamentals

How To Sew Eyelets
In this picture and print tutorial Rosalie demonstrates how to make a hole in fabric and then keep it there with a hand sewn eyelet.

Setting a Godet into Slit Fabric
In this picture and print tutorial from La Cotte Simple demonstrates how to apply a godet, which is similar to a gore, but does not run the entire length of what it is being added to.


How To Sew A Buttonhole
In this picture and print tutorial Rosalie gives some advice on how to sew an authentic medieval button hole.

How to Sew a Medieval Buttonhole
This pair of picture and print tutorial articles from La Cotte Simple show how to sew a medieval button hole, but give both left hand and right hand instructions.

Garment Patterning & Construction

Drafting a Grande Assiette-Style Upper Sleeve From Measurements
This resource from La Cotte Simple gives guidance on how to draft and pattern the gradne assiette style sleeve, which is not as straight forward as one could hope. The link is to the article, which also requires following a link to download the full .doc document.

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: 14th and 15th Century Medieval London Buttoned Hood

Katafalk: Frilled Veil

Katafalk: Liripip Hood

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: Ladies Medieval Hose

The Sinister Spinster: 15th Century German Fringe Hat

Clothing the Past: Recreating a 14th Century Pourpoint

Clothing the Past: Patterning and Making Padded 14th-Century Armour

La Cotte Simple: Drafting and Sewing an Early 14th-Century-Style Martial Surcotte

St. Brigitta Cap

Practical Skills

Katafalk: Wearing and Pinning a Veil

Knyght Errant: Tent Rope Self-Tensioning Knot (No More Dog Bone Tensioners!)

Knyght Errant: Hafting a Spear Head

Practical Wardrobe

Popula Urbanum: How To Hang Your Buckler

Video Tutorials

Since all the videos I link to here in these tutorials are on YouTube, I’ve assembled them into playlists. The top right of each video embedded in the site here you will see a little stack of three lines with an arrow in the bottom corner. Clicking it gets you to a list of all videos in the playlist, regardless of whatever order YouTube decided to put them in.

Armor Maintenance

Medieval Leather Case

Sewing Fundamentals