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Medieval Tutorials

UPDATED 01/31/2021

Print Tutorials

Fabric Handicrafts

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: How To Make Tassels

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: Lucet Braid: Making A Four Sided Square Lace

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: How To Make Medieval Cloth Buttons To Match Your Clothes Or Hood

Katafalk: Tablet Weaving the Edge of a Hood

Sewing Fundamentals

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: How To Sew Eyelets

La Cotte Simple: Setting a Godet into Slit Fabric

La Cotte Simple: Drafting a Grande Assiette-Style Upper Sleeve From Measurements


Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: How To Sew A Buttonhole

La Cotte Simple: How to Sew a Medieval Buttonhole (left hand and right hand instructions)


Garment Patterning & Construction

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: 14th and 15th Century Medieval London Buttoned Hood

Katafalk: Frilled Veil

Katafalk: Liripip Hood

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman: Ladies Medieval Hose

The Sinister Spinster: 15th Century German Fringe Hat

Clothing the Past: Recreating a 14th Century Pourpoint

Clothing the Past: Patterning and Making Padded 14th-Century Armour

La Cotte Simple: Drafting and Sewing an Early 14th-Century-Style Martial Surcotte

St. Brigitta Cap

The Dreamstress: A St. Birgitta’s Cap

Clothing the Past: How to Make a St. Birggita Coif/Cap

The Sinister Spinster: Cap of St. Birgitta Tutorial 

Maniacal Medievalist: St. Birgitta’s Huva (Cap)

Katafalk: St. Birgitta’s Cap

Katafalk: Embroidered St. Birgittas Cap

Practical Skills

Katafalk: Wearing and Pinning a Veil

Knyght Errant: Tent Rope Self-Tensioning Knot (No More Dog Bone Tensioners!)

Knyght Errant: Hafting a Spear Head

Armor Maintenance

Knyght Errant: Plate Armor Maintenance and Cleaning

Knyght Errant: Mail (Chainmail) Armor Maintenance and Cleaning

Video Tutorials

Since all the videos I link to here in these tutorials are on YouTube, I’ve assembled them into playlists. The top right of each video embedded in the site here you will see a little stack of three lines with an arrow in the bottom corner. Clicking it gets you to a list of all videos in the playlist, regardless of whatever order YouTube decided to put them in.

Armor Maintenance

Sewing Fundamentals

Practical Wardrobe

Popula Urbanum: How To Hang Your Buckler