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Pilgrim Progress Challenge

Leader Board 05/01/2020 14:09

A few times a week I will be crawling Facebook and Instagram for people’s total mileage. When you make an update with your progress, tag it with #PilgrimProgressChallenge so I can find it. Our folk are international here, so I am putting in bold the value which people report (miles vs. kilometers) and the opposite measure is the converted value (rounded to the nearest tenth.)

1stDaniel Hart216347.6
2ndSeamus Na Coille Aosda169.7273.1
3rdElliot Burton102164
4thSusanna Herst94.1151.4
5thChris Kerr81.7131.4
6thJen Kelly76.2122.6
7thTroy Holsopple70.2113
8thMark Frasier69.6112
9thJen Miller69111
10thMichael Looney68.4110
11thStephanie Lindey67.1108
11thEdward Lindey67.1108
12thAmy Perryman56.290.4
13thKarley Schmidt51.983.5
14thThe Turnip of Terror50.180.6
15thLee Balling5080.5
16thElisabeth Steves35.757.5
17thEthan McCarty29.747.8
18thThe Agincourt Soldier1930.6
19thMayken Van Der Alst15.625.1
20thSamuel Bakich7.011.3
21stDan Young3.86.1
21stSusan Young3.86.1

The Challenge

From our beloved stories in the Canterbury Tales we can look forward to April being the time of Pilgrimage. Now, most of us do not have time to fly off to faraway countries to wander aimlessly along old paths in hopes of little metal pins, but we can be in the pilgrimage spirit!

Here is our challenge: spend the month of April hiking, break the ice off those winter-frozen joints and take to the streets and trails nearby, and we’ll walk the trails and paths together. But no good challenge comes without some reward!

The Rules

Primary Contest

Entrants will receive a complimentary and souvenir log book for their participation. To receive a log book you must both like the Agincourt Soldier and The Turnip of Terror on Facebook. This is phase one. We will be collecting registrants and mailing out log books during the month of March. Then use this google form to confidentially and securely log your name and mailing address. The Agincourt Soldier and The Turnip of Terror does not share/sell/or post your personal information. Advisement: If you sign up on this form with a name not matching the one you use on Facebook it will be harder for us to verify you and get you a log book in a timely manner.

Starting April 1st the pilgrimage is on. Anyone who walks more than 25 miles during the event will be entered for a prize drawing of a custom pewter pilgrimage badge designed specifically for this contest. Those who walk the full Canterbury Tales pilgrimage of 67 miles will receive a sticker with the emblem of the challenge.

Bonus Contest

Nothing about this contest requires you to wear your medieval kit while participating. Walk to school, do laps during lunch at work, go for a hike with the kids on the weekend; it all counts. As a bonus contest, everyone who likes both the Agincourt Soldier and The Turnip of Terror‘s Instagram pages will be eligible for a drawing in the picture contest! This contest is for period portrayals, preferably in a woodland but at least non-modern environment. Use the hashtag #PPCPhotoContest to enter your picture and follow the hashtag as the winner will be decided by the most number of likes it receives! The winning photo will be made into a glossy print and autographed by The Agincourt Soldier and The Turnip of Terror themselves.