October Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

My most important task, keeping the links clean and unbroken, is complete. I did a touch of updating the summaries and descriptions in places where it was needed. The next big update will be an upgrade to the site, and I plan to start adding in plug-ins for some of the more advanced features which I’ve been hoping to access, but have been biding my time for. I suspect I’ll spend much of the winter working on the complete upgrade, so keep an eye out for interesting developments over the next few months.

Site upgrades, and the entire project, is made possible by the support of those committed to making this space a tangible reality. I am honored to add Dominique J Knight to the rolls as a supporting member through Patreon. If you have derived any value from the use of this website or the informative and entertaining content, please consider joining on Patreon, I offer incentives to include early content and creative control over future work whenever possible as an added benefit, and you will be contributing to what makes this the best medieval corner of the internet.

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July Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

All links and information on the website is current and functional! There were fewer dead links this month than there have been in the past. Perhaps that’s a good thing on behalf of my continual pruning, or perhaps it’s just the community on the internet is better about keeping their sites running. I’m inclined to assume it’s the latter, optimism is healthy.

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May Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

Work around the turnip-sphere has been fairly light this month, owing to the new baby! All infants are a bundle of joy, but also a bundle of work, and a bundle of sleep deprivation, and I love her all the same, but I take an active role in the lives of my children which, when they’re this age, is a sizable burden of time. Not to fear! I’ve kept the lights on, and even had a bit of fun! Plus, I’ve added the Media-Eval podcast to the website list, and I have been able to start adding some descriptions to items on various lists which need more explanation than just a boring link.

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April Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

The website has been checked for bad links and everything is working. I have made some edition to the resources as I have encountered them over the course of the month. Most notably a Friend of The Turnip, Reenactment Rik, who runs the YouTube channel Historic Echoes has launched a new website for his personal business as a living historian. This new “home base” for his videos and social media channels has been added to the Medieval Content Creators resource. I have also added a new video tutorial regarding the making of leather cases, primarily for books in period, but great for cell phones now a-days.

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March Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

The website has been checked for bad links; pruned and tuned so to speak. Everything on site is in working order, to include a dead image which I removed from an old article. This is a good reminder to continue to develop my own media. However entertaining and convenient it is to take photos (with credit) from the internet, they may not be there forever. The website is fuller now, too, as I have added a number of new items to many of the lists including new groups, a smattering of new events, etc.

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January 2021 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

There has been a major surge in the number of groups added to the Groups Billboard in January, I added at least half a dozen new entries. This also comes with the addition of an interactive map, pinning a location for each group so you can search the page by type of group, but you can also search the map for groups which are near to you! I have also added an events calendar page, which is a tool we can use to keep in touch with public demos, timeline events, immersion events, and other demonstrations or insular activities which we can attend with each other. Of course, this page is meant to be a receiving space for all the new events happening after we get on top of the pandemic, so it is a bit empty right now. But as events start scheduling again, it will fill up (just make sure you keep sending me those entries.)

The monthly link check is complete. One of the repairs was a typo on my part, and easily corrected. One of the dead links was for the International Reenactor’s Day Facebook page, which doesn’t seem to exist anymore. So much for that being an annual thing. Otherwise the site is in working order, everything you click should go to something as designed. No dead links!

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December 2020 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

I have not done as much upkeep as I would have liked this month. I did clean out the morgues. The blame for most of it is on a heavy workload at the day job and the holidays. I just spent less time fiddling online. However, I have not neglected my commitment to good links, and the entire site has been run through and checked for dead or broken links. Everything is up to date and functioning. Though I have some not-computer-based personal projects for winter, hopefully, I can use some of that overwintering time to get some of the projects here complete. For instance, yesterday I noticed the Groups Billboard is one of the most popular and frequently navigated parts of the website, followed by the tutorials page. Both of those pages are incomplete in some way based on standards I have set for myself. The tutorials deserve more elaboration on what you can expect to find at each link, in the way I have a synopsis listed for each of the books I recommend or an indication of the inventory for each entry in my merchant and artisan rolls. Likewise, not all the groups included on the billboard have pictures and details as they should. You deserve it, and I will continue to work on it.

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November 2020 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

I changed templates… again. The idea behind the other one was to give me the ability to make the home page a “news bulletin” style page. However, the upkeep was more work than the site was being used for the purpose. The template was also incapable of having pages without side bars, and I prefer when the informational pages on the site are less cluttered. So I switched templates again and scrapped the bulletin as I suspect most people get their news updates from Facebook anyway.

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October 2020 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

As always, the links on the site have been clicked and verified as functioning with only a few errors to fix. The last of the kinks have been worked out from changing over to the new template, as well.

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