July Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

All links and information on the website is current and functional! There were fewer dead links this month than there have been in the past. Perhaps that’s a good thing on behalf of my continual pruning, or perhaps it’s just the community on the internet is better about keeping their sites running. I’m inclined to assume it’s the latter, optimism is healthy.

I also received a really quality Father’s Day gift, but didn’t get around to photographing it until earlier in July. Without giving away too many spoilers, I can assure you it will be featured as an integral part of the next cooking video!

News Bulletin

These are the articles and videos which I shared in July which I think are beneficial to the medieval living history community. To see them in real time, follow on Facebook.

  • Merchant Spotlight: Purpleheart Armoury selling HEMA equipment, training weapons, and more.
  • Podcast Spotlight: Medieval Warfare Podcast, a history podcast about the Middle Ages and warfare during those times.
  • Swordwind Historical Swordsmanship share an infographic putting the weight of historic bladed weapons into perspective.
  • YouTube Channel spotlight: Pursuing the Knightly Arts, videos about authentic techniques for fighting in medieval armor.
  • An article on BBC about coins being used as jewelry.
  • Merchant Spotlight – Fabric Wholesale Direct sells fabrics of all kind, from novelty to silks.
  • An article on Aleteia.org reports on a Catholic university project wherein they made the truss of Notre Dame using medieval technique and tools.
  • Tobias Capwell makes a Facebook post about medieval combat in older movies.
  • A new video from Popula Urbanum entitled Did Medieval Children Go To School?


How Two Medieval Featured Image

Due to technical difficulties which are now remedied as you will read later on in regards to my computer, How Two Medieval released only one episode this month, episode 31 – Event Cooking. Matt and I provide an overview of cooking at events or when camping, which generally involves cooking over an open flame.  

Turnip TV

The patron requested content coming up is a video, which I have gotten quite rusty in making. In an effort to get back into the habit I did a few super-short videos this month. Behind the scenes I have also worked on creating some more scripts for narrative short films, both writing them and working with those interested in writing. If you have an idea for a medieval nano-short (think TikTok/YouTube Shorts/Instagram Reels) or medieval themed short film and you want to see it brought to life… let me know!

The nano shorts I made this month have been posted across the interwebs, they’re on Instagram and YouTube and Facebook and, of course, TikTok. If you missed them, here they are right here!

The Meme Machine

Only one meme this month, and it caused a bit of a stir.

July Hall of Fame

A highlight of some of the most popular things on the Turnip Network. Do you have content you think is a candidate next month? Tag me, send a message, shoot over an email and I will feature them on the appropriate pages. If you make the top, you’ll get a mention in the newsletter!

Facebook Fun

For a chance to make it on this list tag me in your post on Facebook or send me an instant message and I may share it!

Future Projects

Part of doing these last few TikTok style videos was part of rebuilding confidence and making sure I still had the basics down. I am invigorated and ready to return to the tent-upcycle project, which is written and planned, just needs to be shot and edited. Another great stride towards making the video a reality is the replacement computer, which came in this month. If you want to have a vote in the conversation on what I work on next subscribe on patreon where you can have access to the polls which guide upcoming content.

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