October Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

My most important task, keeping the links clean and unbroken, is complete. I did a touch of updating the summaries and descriptions in places where it was needed. The next big update will be an upgrade to the site, and I plan to start adding in plug-ins for some of the more advanced features which I’ve been hoping to access, but have been biding my time for. I suspect I’ll spend much of the winter working on the complete upgrade, so keep an eye out for interesting developments over the next few months.

Site upgrades, and the entire project, is made possible by the support of those committed to making this space a tangible reality. I am honored to add Dominique J Knight to the rolls as a supporting member through Patreon. If you have derived any value from the use of this website or the informative and entertaining content, please consider joining on Patreon, I offer incentives to include early content and creative control over future work whenever possible as an added benefit, and you will be contributing to what makes this the best medieval corner of the internet.

News Bulletin

These are the articles and videos which I shared in October which I think are beneficial to the medieval living history community. To see them in real time, follow on Facebook.


How Two Medieval Featured Image

How Two Medieval released three episodes in August!

Turnip TV

I got inspired this month and made four really short-form videos. Three were effectively meme based, and the final was an homage to the DoK event I attended this year.

August Hall of Fame

A highlight of some of the most popular things on the Turnip Network. Do you have content you think is a candidate next month? Tag me, send a message, shoot over an email and I will feature them on the appropriate pages. If you make the top, you’ll get a mention in the newsletter!

Facebook Fun

For a chance to make it on this list tag me in your post on Facebook or send me an instant message and I may share it!

Future Projects

Filming on the tent-upcycle project is under way, though stalled by the fact that there’s a considerable amount of work to do to the actual tent between takes, and so filming can only go as fast as the project itself. I’ve also had a renewed vigor of video ideas, and have scripts for thirty videos in various stages of draft. Many of them require tools and material culture I don’t have yet, but now I have a goal for procurement. The new computer has been a dream to use compared to the broken down old one. If you want to see more videos and faster consider subscribing on patreon where you can support future episodes as well as getting behind the scenes content and have have access to the polls which guide upcoming content.

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