October 2020 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

As always, the links on the site have been clicked and verified as functioning with only a few errors to fix. The last of the kinks have been worked out from changing over to the new template, as well.

From Neep Manor

Fun with Mannequins

A friend of mine gifted me a mannequin, well it is more like a boutique display dress form, but it was still something I could set up my armor on and put it out in the living room. I have done so with some of my other reenactment gear, such as putting my kettle hat up on a stand on the fireplace, because they’re pretty and I don’t want to hide it all year except for when I go to events. The timing was perfect, as after it was set up I was able to Halloween-ify it!

Upcoming Video

As a follow up to the Medieval Cooking with Kids series, I have been working on a video where the little one and I make, then try, Armored Turnips based on the recipe in Reenactment Rik’s video. I have also taken this opportunity to try and increase my production value and begin making videos with a bit more professional polish. As of Halloween weekend, the filming for the video is “in the can” and has moved on to editing. The goal for this video’s release is November 15th, just in time for those trying to round out their Thanksgiving menu.

Scouting Locations

Speaking of film making, here’s an album of photos from a trip I took to scout a location for a short film I have in the works called “The Southampton Plot.”

The Medieval Herauld

Community and Conversations

Thrones and You

In a Facebook conversation which I posted to the page and cross posted to the community group I asked about thrones and whether or not they were used outside of the royal capacity, such as when a small knight holds court at his manor. The general consensus seems to be our idea of a throne, Game of Thrones style, were not a thing in the medieval eras. However, it does seem to stand a place of prominence where the person presiding sat does seem to have been, and so even if not a designated throne in a dedicated throne room, there would be some sort of seat which was clearly different than the rest for the lord to sit (even if it just means clearing out the room usually used for eating.)

Meme Machine

I am not the only one churning out quality medieval memes. Michael Allender was awesome enough to share this one with us on the community page:

September Hall of Fame

A highlight of some of the most popular things on the Turnip Network. Do you have content you think is a candidate next month? Tag me on Facebook or use the hashtag #turnippicks on Instagram for a chance to be featured on the page, and if you make the top, a mention in the newsletter!


The nine #turnippicks photos posted in August and receiving the most likes in August are (in order top left to right) @comunes_dimicatores, @stivesmedieval, @medievalmacguffin, @simply_samurai,  @cotentinetcottedemailles, @neulakko, @cyn_d._photography, @histofaber, and @some_sewing_nerd. Check out these great Instagram accounts!

Facebook Fun

The top three most liked posts on Facebook in September were:

Viri Armati making knödel

Tie: La Guerre des Couronnes storm a castle

Tie: Histofaber’s article about pilgrimage load bearing equipment

Popula Urbanum’s video on drafting a hood pattern

Future Projects

Every month I release some sort of project for the community, be it a long form written article, an audio episode, or a video, or some blend of the above. The items below are the projects I have in various stages of completion, which are at a stage where they are capable of being the headlining topic for next month. Esquires and Knights of the household who support at high level tiers on Patreon have access to a monthly poll where they can choose which topic I will work on for the next month. If you want to cast your voice, become a Patron!

  • A “Behind the Metal” interview featuring Trevor Clemons of the Kansas City Sword Guild, focusing on his considerable expertise and success with creating a crossover HEMA and living history group.
  • I have a simple, slender belt from Lorifactor I could review. Anything I wear I could review. Do you want more product reviews?
  • More tent diagrams, from other companies or from more tent styles of the companies I already have worked on. Maybe re-do the hand drawn one in CAD like the new one is. These drawings are very time consuming though, and with how many size/shape variations exist among the preeminent manufacturers of medieval tents, it will take me years to work through them all (or sufficient support to work on the website full time.) Also, the dead computer doesn’t help.
  • I went on a mission to find fixes to a persistent wardrobe malfunction where my hosen would bunch up on my feet and bind with the rough leather of my boots when putting shoes on over my footed hosen. I received a list of possible solutions, some of which I have tried and some of which remain candidates for experimentation. An article on the subject would include trying and documenting my experiments with all the suggestions.
  • I am collecting old, dead tents to re-purpose their fabric for an “Archer Lean-To.” This project would be to benefit any group or encampment portrayal. The idea: unlike the Knight himself who would purchase a proper tent, the commoners who joined him on campaign might opt instead to take an old cast off tent which could be purchased for cheap or salvaged for free and use it to erect a shelter for themselves while on campaign. Hanging a rectangular swath of canvas, as a tarp, can allows a variety of options as a shelter. It could ornamented with cheap mattresses and other excess material culture to give the impression of three or four men (representing a few archers and camp servant in their absence) and provide a contrast in quality to my tent. I need to research, however, is if this is a speculative construction, a reenactorism I have seen others do without any primary documentation. Part of the project and the article would be doing said research.
  • Can you portray an Atheist or Godless medieval impression?
  • How to tie an arming point? (Video and/or print guide.)
  • How to use a fibula style brooch? (Video and/or print guide.)
  • Practical example against cutting corners, using tent stakes and hammers as a reference. (Video)
  • An article/video on medieval camping and comparing/contrasting slavishly accurate camping vs. modern reenactment “glamping.”
  • Build a boat?
  • Knotwork / ropework guide, either as a single large video/article or in a series (knots, bends, splices, marlinespike skills, etc.)

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