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The Medieval Herauld #7

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An article published September 14th, 2020 by HistoFaber discusses the theory and practical application of carrying all the necessary items while on pilgrimage, using only medieval carrying systems. It is natively in German, but the whole web page translates well when viewed through Google Translate on a chrome browser. Approximate read time 8 minutes.

Das Gepäck des Pilgers

An article posted on Interesly September 28th, 2020 talks about the place and role of the bed in the medieval household and how the opinion of using one changed over time. This article is quite superficial in its references, so use it as a springboard for further research. Approximate read time 7 minutes.

What people did in bed – History of bed culture in Medieval and Early Modern times

September 29th, 2020 the reenactment group Viri Armati shared a picture of two of their members making knödel medieval style in a field kitchen. Knödel is a Central European boiled dumpling like food.


September 29th, 2020 the living history group La Guerre des Couronnes posted a nine photo album to their Facebook page showing a mini-event where they portray a group of men-at-arms storming a castle.


In a video aired September 30th, 2020 Ylva the Red continues to walk through rebuilding a wardrobe by making a Viking apron dress while explaining every style and construction decision along the way; both the historical concessions and the adherences to historical fact. Video duration 15:09

Updating My Viking Wardrobe – Part 3

An article published on discusses methods of removing stains from medieval garments, especially finer fabric ones, as well as how to tend to those more heavily laundered clothes such as undergarments. Approximate read time, 4 minutes.

Medieval Stain Removal

Aired October 3rd, 2020 Ocean of Popula Urbanum demonstrates pattering and drafting a hood in a medieval way by draping the fabric direct to the body instead of building up a pattern from measurements and paper.

Construction and Evolution of the Buttoned Hood

Aired September 4th, 2020 Opus Elenae demonstrates the process of making an embroidered pilgrim bag including marking and embroidering the loose fabric, then sewing it into a bag. She documents everything from start to finish. Video duration 23:30

Medieval Accessories: Making an Embroidered Pilgrim’s Bag [CC]

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