Why You Love Swords

In about a month I will be participating in the online Art of the Sword Conference which has gotten my mind swirling with thoughts about swords, where the adoration for them stems from, how they have managed to remain such a pervasive symbol in human culture and why we love them. In this video I distill my thoughts on the subject.

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Dagger Polish

Polished Dagger Featured Image for the Medieval Reenactment and Living History Resource The Turnip of Terror

I bought a dagger from Bohemond a while back, which is no longer listed in his store. It’s a nice rondel style blade, unsharpened. It doesn’t have that round point that you’d need for harness fighting, which I prefer. Because it has the actual shape of a rondel instead of the blunted off tip, but has nothing even resembling an edge anywhere, it’s a safe demo tool that can be shared with kids or unintelligent-adults without too much worry of grievous bodily harm.

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