December 2020 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

I have not done as much upkeep as I would have liked this month. I did clean out the morgues. The blame for most of it is on a heavy workload at the day job and the holidays. I just spent less time fiddling online. However, I have not neglected my commitment to good links, and the entire site has been run through and checked for dead or broken links. Everything is up to date and functioning. Though I have some not-computer-based personal projects for winter, hopefully, I can use some of that overwintering time to get some of the projects here complete. For instance, yesterday I noticed the Groups Billboard is one of the most popular and frequently navigated parts of the website, followed by the tutorials page. Both of those pages are incomplete in some way based on standards I have set for myself. The tutorials deserve more elaboration on what you can expect to find at each link, in the way I have a synopsis listed for each of the books I recommend or an indication of the inventory for each entry in my merchant and artisan rolls. Likewise, not all the groups included on the billboard have pictures and details as they should. You deserve it, and I will continue to work on it.

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St. Neepolas’s Secret Santa

Here at Neep Manor we have a socially distant, medieval themed Secret Santa! I also have Historic Enterprises, Inc., Gaukler Medieval Wares, and Ylva the Red offering deals for participants!

First, to sign up, there is a google form where you send your name and address. Sign up will be open all weekend, until 23:59 on Sunday the 13th. Monday morning I will handle matching participants and send you your special someone. Then you have all next week to find a medieval themed gift! Lets keep gifts in the $20 – $30 range for fairness’s sake.

So about those deals: each participating business is offering the cost of shipping (up to $15) as store credit for future purchases. Opportunities are limited and are first come, first serve. Members of the household who support on Patreon receive priority in choosing coupons. Send me a PM to receive coupon codes and instructions for the business you want to use.

Happy shopping!

Top Ten Medieval Clothing Must Haves

Must Haves Featured Image

The medieval period is a vast swath of time covering a myriad of different cultures and fashions. However, just like how there are some common threads (puns) between the suits of the roaring 20s and the business dress of the Covid 20s, there are some must have necessary elements of medieval dress every living history or reenactment impression should consider incorporating to be considered complete.

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My Favorite Thing Challenge!

Featured Image - August Newsletter

Responding to the challenge of Matt Blazek, Executive Director of History Live North East and The Agincourt Soldier I talk about my favorite living history item, the one thing out of my collection which I love above all others. As part of the rules I have extended this challenge along to Ben and Reece of Pursuing the Knightly Arts!

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The Medieval Herauld #2

The Medieval Herauld Featured Image

The Medieval Herauld #7 The Medieval Herauld

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