June Newsletter 2021

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

My how time flies when you have an infant. I have kept the website clean, however, and continue to add descriptions to the tutorials section. Likewise I have added some living history groups to the Groups Billboard as I find them. If I’m missing someone, let me know! I want everyone to be included. Speaking of making sure people are included, I am quite pleased to add Matthew Blacks, the Captain of the Guard to the member roll of the Household of Dinthwaite!

News Bulletin

These are the articles and videos which I shared in July which I think are beneficial to the medieval living history community. To see them in real time, follow on Facebook.

  • A Video from Monk’s Modern Medieval Cuisine on hot and spicy food in medieval cooking.
  • An Article on fatherhood in the middle ages, for father’s day.
  • A teaser promo about the upcoming Art of Armor conference, following the successful Art of the Sword conference.
  • A livestream by from Popula Urbanum about Fashion of the medieval middle class.


How Two Medieval Featured Image

How Two Medieval released two episodes this month.

In Episode 29 – Pilgrim Progress Challenge Aftershow 2021, Matt and me discuss our favorite event of the year: The Pilgrim Progress Challenge! We go into some of the work behind the scenes, as well as contrasting the evolution of the event from last year to this year, what went right, what can be improved upon, and a couple characteristic, charmingly roguish rabbit trails along the way. 

In Episode 28 – Medieval Urban Impressions, Matt and me as we tackle the touchy subject of reenactorisms and how they proliferate through the community.  

The Meme Machine

I enjoyed releasing two memes this month, one for comedy and one to remind us all that the middle ages enjoyed a bit of romance.

May Hall of Fame

A highlight of some of the most popular things on the Turnip Network. Do you have content you think is a candidate next month? Tag me on Facebook or use the hashtag #turnippicks on Instagram for a chance to be featured on the page, and if you make the top, a mention in the newsletter!

Facebook Fun

I was a bit more active on Facebook however, and these are the most liked posts on Facebook in May. For a chance to make it on this list tag me in your post on Facebook or send me an instant message and I may share it!

Future Projects

Last month Sir William requested my next major project be on up-cycling and repurposing an old, dead tent. I have done the preliminary work on the project, written an outline of the script, and even made some space in the garage. My intent is to put some mileage down in front of the camera this month, perhaps once Amelia begins to spend more time content in a bouncer or play seat. Editing is always my biggest hurdle, especially as I am only about halfway funded on a computer which is designed and capable of running quality editing software (right now I’m effectively running laps in the Indy 500 at the wheel of a Ford Escort with a bad alternator.) However, the format for this next video is meant to be more ‘helpful vLog’ style, and will perhaps cut together a bit easier and more quickly. If you want to have a vote in the conversation on what I work on next subscribe on patreon where you can have access to the polls which guide upcoming content.

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