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Interview with Not Another Costuming Blog

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What Is a Reenactor? Turnip Talk

It is my pleasure to present to you a conversation with Callie from Not Another Costuming Blog. As a student of, among other things, fiber conservation and a talented costumer, we discuss all things sheep, wool, fiber, and fabric both as a historical curiosity, and how it applies to living history. 

St. Neepolas’s Secret Santa

Here at Neep Manor we have a socially distant, medieval themed Secret Santa! I also have Historic Enterprises, Inc., Gaukler Medieval Wares, and Ylva the Red offering deals for participants!

First, to sign up, there is a google form where you send your name and address. Sign up will be open all weekend, until 23:59 on Sunday the 13th. Monday morning I will handle matching participants and send you your special someone. Then you have all next week to find a medieval themed gift! Lets keep gifts in the $20 – $30 range for fairness’s sake.

So about those deals: each participating business is offering the cost of shipping (up to $15) as store credit for future purchases. Opportunities are limited and are first come, first serve. Members of the household who support on Patreon receive priority in choosing coupons. Send me a PM to receive coupon codes and instructions for the business you want to use.

Happy shopping!

How Two Medieval Episode Thirteen

How Two Medieval Featured Image

WWII Crossover featuring The Reenactor’s Corner

Episode 55 – Different Combat Rulesets How Two Medieval

Today we are joined by the good folk over at The Reenactor’s Corner where we compare and contrast WWII reenactment and medieval reenactment. 

Hosted by: Todd of the Black Spear and Ari: The Turnip Of Terror

Also debuting a super special guest and incoming host Matt Blazek of History Live North East.

November 2020 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

I changed templates… again. The idea behind the other one was to give me the ability to make the home page a “news bulletin” style page. However, the upkeep was more work than the site was being used for the purpose. The template was also incapable of having pages without side bars, and I prefer when the informational pages on the site are less cluttered. So I switched templates again and scrapped the bulletin as I suspect most people get their news updates from Facebook anyway.

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Medieval Cooking with Children: Armored Turnips

Join us in this installment of Medieval Cooking with Kids as I, The Turnip of Terror, and my Little Turnip assistant make a medieval recipe for armored turnips.

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October 2020 Newsletter

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

As always, the links on the site have been clicked and verified as functioning with only a few errors to fix. The last of the kinks have been worked out from changing over to the new template, as well.

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