Introducing The Merchant Roll

Stock Image of Balance Scales for the Medieval Reenactment and Living History Resource The Turnip of Terror

The Merchant Roll

First and foremost, this is a developing project.

One of my primary goals with Turnip of Terror is to promote my journey, it’s vain, but it’s a fun outlet for a hobby I only get to “show off” with a few times a year. Also, the oversight, scrutiny, and input from the community keeps my impression accurate, honest, and sharp. All good things. But I would also like to make this site a useful utility for others. That’s why I post scans of my drawings, personal resources, and my methodology: in the hopes that someone else will be able to walk the reenacting road a little faster because they’re taking a moderately-worn track instead of trailblazing. Continue reading “Introducing The Merchant Roll”