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In a tweet posted August 14th 2020 Stephanie J. Lahey highlights a page from folio 71 recto in Basel, Universitätsbibliothek which is repaired by patching the page with embroidery. Though not an unusual technique, this particular page’s decorative sunburst is especially artistic.


A 115 photo album uploaded to Facebook August 15th 2020 documents an event representing a siege of a small fort in Lorraine during the Burgundian wars, c. 1476.

Facebook Album

Aired August 15th 2020 Ylva the Red takes multiple dye baths to the next level and shows, with exacting recipes detailing the measurements of each ingredient, the wide variety of colors one can achieve just using three different dyes over multiple exhaust baths.

What can we learn from textile dye analysis?

Tweeted August 17th 2020 Matthew Champion explains the discovery of many artifacts, including fragments of medieval manuscripts, at the renovation of the National Trust’s Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk.

Series of tweets

Tweeted August 24th 2020 Anna Dorofeeva highlights a page from an 11th century English manuscript which has inscribed a charm to protect swarming bees from being stolen. It reads: Settle down, victory-women, sink to earth, never be wild and fly to the woods. Be as mindful of my welfare, as is each man of border and of home”


A posted made August 23rd 2020 to the London Mudlark: Lara Maiklem page shows three links of preserved riveted mail which were found on the Thames foreshore. It is always good to see more extant mail which isn’t rusted into large clumps.

Facebook post

Aired August 23rd, 2020 Andrew of Popula Urbanum takes us on a roller coaster of nuance in regards to women’s place in the guild system and work force. Video length 10:50

Medieval Guilds Part V – Women in The Guilds

Fun fact, a moment is a unit of time having its origins in the 13th century. With forty moments in an hour, a moment on average represented ninety seconds of time.

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