Pilgrim Progress Challenge Aftershow

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What Is a Reenactor? Turnip Talk

Matt of The Agincourt Soldier and I discuss and review our experience with running the Pilgrim Progress Challenge. We also toss about ideas of what we plan on doing next year when we reprise the event.

In addition, Matt talks about a fundraiser he is currently running raising money to help combat food insecurity in rural America. You can find more info about it on his Facebook page, through the Full Plates organization, or by contacting him directly at info @historylivenortheast.org.

Valentine’s Card Event


I am running a quick holiday promotion. From today until the 10th of February everyone who signs up for Patreon at any level will receive a hand written Valentine’s Day card. Inside I will put an interesting medieval Valentine’s Day fact or tid bit of knowledge, plus an autograph. On the front will be a randomly selected manuscript image, something depicting love or romance. This demo was printed, but except for the artwork everything will be written by hand. Ending on the tenth means I have the opportunity to complete them and mail them so they will (maybe) show up on Valentine’s Day for you.