The Turnip Patch of Useful Resources

Updated 06/19/2020

Handy resources, mainly websites, for conducting online research into medieval related topics, viewing collections and manuscripts, connecting with the living history and reenactment community, etc.

Writers, artists, researchers, videographers, and educators working in the field of creating content for medieval living history and reenactment.

Useful guides and tutorials for the types of handicrafts and projects which benefit the pursuits of medieval reenactment and living history.

A medieval glossary resource of English (old/middle/modern) words as they were used in their various definitions through the middle ages, especially ones commonly misunderstood or unknown to the general public (or newer participants.)

An up to date resource list of trustworthy, reputable merchants and artisans of medieval reenactment and living history material goods, clothing, weapons, and armor.

A catalog of living history and reenactment groups of various medieval impressions, battles, or communities from around the world.

A personal resource made public; the arms of the living history and reenactment companions I know and respect; those I get the pleasure of interacting with; those I admire and who I feel make great strides towards making this hobby great.