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Rapa Armorial and Taking Stock

Good morning!

So, I’m pretty bummed that all my friends are off at the KC Sword Guild Deed of Arms and I have to work. I’ll be out there tomorrow, Saturday, and day trip it on my one day off, but then it’s back on the road 7 am Sunday… so no camping out.

While I wallow in my discontent I think about the big Days of Knights review I did after the event and how much I enjoyed chronicling my time there. I planned to do the same for deed, and will likely do a mini one of for the day I’m actually out there. It got me thinking, I have a viewership now. Not, y’know, a huge one: but enough that I get a trickling of residual hits even when I’m not actively promoting a post. That tells me I’m doing something right.

But I am never content with doing something good enough: I have to over achieve. In that aim, I’m taking a moment to take stock of what I’m producing, what you’re consuming, and what you want to see in the future. Part of that is unveiling my recent project: The Rapa Armorial. It’s a little corner of my site that I’m dedicating to the arms and devices of those I interact with in the living history community. If I know you and forgot about you, let me know. If you want up on the roll of arms, let’s get to know each other! Invite me to your event. Come to some of our events. Meet me at a mutually attended event. Share with me some of your content, and spread my name around to anyone who will listen.

Moving on from that, what do you want to see next from me? Tell me in the comments or shoot me an email. I’m really good with feedback, so let me know everything you have to say about what I do here, good and bad. What kind of articles have I posted in the past that really worked for you? What stuff do I post that’s a waste of my time? This blog is an outlet for me, for sure, but it’s not a private journal. I get a kick out of enriching people’s lives by sharing, I’d hate to not share something that would work for someone because I didn’t realize they wanted it.

I have some stuff in the works, in various stages of development. I will be working on refurbishing and reassembling a set of full arms that I’ll document thoroughly. I am just finishing a hobo-lendenier I will wear Saturday and tell you all how it worked out. I have a couple ephemeral articles about the why behind things I do and don’t do in relation to my impressions and activities. I have more technical things in the works too, numbers and spread sheets and statistical nonsense that most people like to see but hate to do themselves. I have a resource research project I’m working on regarding reputable vs. not so reputable vendors. I also have some more posts showcasing the stuff I wear. I also have a belt from Lorifactor, an arming doublet from Historic Enterprises, and a few more pieces of equipment I think could benefit from a detailed review.

So let me know! I try to avoid these “content-less” posts where I don’t put up much of substance. To that end I set up a Facebook Page for ToT stuff, so that I can post previews of new posts, questions, and updates that are not worth whole blog posts. So if you want to be part of the “behind the scenes” or “off the books” Turnip of Terror household, go ahead and like the page. For my blog posts direct to your email inbox make sure to subscribe here on WordPress. To help me generate content faster, consider becoming a Patron.

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