Preperations for Day of Knights 2016

I’ve been to SCA wars and other camping events. I’ve camped as a civilian. I’ve “camped” (if you can call it that) while in the field in the Army. So, objectively, it makes sense that I’ve acquired over the last decade a sizable amount of camp-related paraphernalia.

Despite all that, I still feel like an amateur reenactment camper. But as I pack up for DoK I am in awe of how much… stuff I have. So much stuff! And I don’t even have all the armor I want yet, or the tent I really want, or a camp bed, or a travel wardrobe, or a weapons rack (or weapons to put on the rack), or a bench and table… etc. I think that’s the horrifying part, I have a ton of stuff but I have no where near as much gear as I plan to.

The rabbit hole goes deep my friends. On my packing list is pen and paper, I’ll be taking notes and writing down anecdotes and collecting as much information as I can (as well as pictures when I’m able.) Once I’m back I plan to write a series on DoK for those who didn’t get to go. Wish me luck! As for today, my “Procrastination Death List” of things I still have to do is far longer than it should be. See you all after DoK!

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