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The Golden Gloss

The medieval glossary of English (old/middle/modern) words as used in the middle ages. Of highlight are words misunderstood or unknown to the general public (or newer participants.)

UPDATED 09/01/2023

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A form of sword characterized by a single edge, slight to major curve, and typically of single hand use (though not exclusively.) As with all swords blade profile changes throughout the medieval period.

In the feudal system, the lands and estates held by a vassal by homage and service to a lord.

The feathers on the back end of an arrow.

An estate held without any feudal obligation

Developed from the term "a furrow long" it is the approximate length a yoke of oxen can plow without needing to take a break, more narrowly defined as 40 poles. Equivalent to 660 feet or 201.16 meters.


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