How Two Medieval – Episode Five

To Buy or Make?

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In this episode we discuss purchasing items vs. making them. Does one leap into creating medieval items or do you purchase from vetted merchants? The living History hobby leaves many aspects to learning new skills, but not everyone has the time and space. Join us as we give our opinion on the topic.

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Show Notes

Host: Todd, The Company of the Black Spear
Host: Ari, The Turnip of Terror

Below you will find links to various merchants who deal in medieval items. This is just a few trustworthy merchants that sell quality items. We are not sponsored or endorsed by any of the business listed bellow.

Aketon: is a Polish company who produces high end medieval clothes.

Cap-a-pie: They produce hand made Maille. Based in the UK Cap-a-Pie has also started producing simulators for medieval combat.

Davis Reproductions: Josh is a very talented artisan who specializes in sword and various medieval weapons. He also produces scabbards and other leather good.

Historical Enterprises: HE makes quality replica clothing of various periods. they also sell a small amount of living history items.

Historical footwear from Fra: Fra produces quality footwear among other medieval leather goods. Quick turnaround and shipping times.

Lorifactor: Based in Poland, they produce high quality belts,fittings, buckles and other items.

Medieval Craft: Another medieval vendor who sells various Medieval items.

Panther Primatives: Another historical tent producer.

Sartor: This Czech Republic based company deals in period textiles of all kinds.

SPES Medieval Market: Great little Polish company who sells various clothes and items. Though some patterns stray from sources. They carry loads of great camp items.

Tent smiths: Producers of replica tents.

Tod’s Cutler: Same Tod and and same high quality knives and daggers.  

Tod’s Stuff: Tod produces hand made, high quality replicas from swords and crossbows. He also sells buckles, fittings and of there various medieval items. He hosts a YouTube channel as well, where he often shows his wares. Top quality and accuracy.

Vehi Mercatus: German based merchant who sells various medieval replicas. They sell great hand woven wool blankets, sure to keep you warm.

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