June Q&A

Lets have some fun, time for a Q & A! While I’m always available to field questions, this Q & A will be for members of the household and will be recorded in ‘real time.’ I will read and answer the questions extemporaneously and share the audio & video with June’s monthly newsletter! Submit your questions as private messages on Patreon. Want to see more questions answered, share with your friends!

Days of Knights 2019

2019 Days of Knights encampment panorama

A new beginning by doing the same thing…
For the last time… (we hope)

The “thing” of course is moving locations. Despite the unprecedented hilarity of the subtitle of this article, Days of Knights is anything but in a rut. It has a palpable sense of standing on the cusp of rocketing off into a grand new future of prosperity. For those new to Days of Knights and its transient history, Days of Knights has always been in the same place(s). It had two homes in Kentucky it would bounce around from depending on the year. As a participant I did not find the varying location to be a difficult aspect of attendance, both sites were about the same distance to drive for me. Each site had individual issues one could gripe about here and there, it was a little buggy some years, a little warm some of the others, no access to water some of the time; but both places let you dig holes in the ground for fire. The concern for the organization, or so I have gleaned, was engagement in the community and repeat patronage. Continue reading “Days of Knights 2019”

Bataile du Cygne

Banners at Deed for the Medieval Reenactment and Living History Resource The Turnip of Terror

The Medieval Swordsman Guild of Kansas City has an annual Deed of Arms in May dubbed the Bataile du Cygne (French for Battle of the Swan). The name of the event, as I understand it, was inspired by the environs the deed takes place in, namely La Cygne Kansas. This year was the fourth consecutive deed of arms, which is impressive. I enjoy how the Medieval Swordsman Guild of Kansas City is both an active practicing HEMA organization and a die hard living history group. Not everyone does both, though most do. For those who do both this is really the ultimate coalition of their two passions. Continue reading “Bataile du Cygne”

Kris Kinder 2016

Kris Kinder is a notable SCA event out here in the Kansas City area that is almost as period an event as you can get: shopping. While I am peripherally aware that there were secret-squirrel meetings for guilds and orders and peerages and court and other SCAdian-y stuff going on behind the scenes; from a layman’s perspective Kris Kinder’s just a big flea-market.

Continue reading “Kris Kinder 2016”

The Days of Knights 2016

I went to The Days of Knights this last weekend and my plan was to come back with a good solid blog post about my experiences there. While this is technically that, there was so much going on and so much happened over that weekend, I can’t fit it all into one article. I even carved a jack-o-lantern for Halloween and practiced medieval service. Frequently Days of Knights will be shortened to DoK in this and future articles.

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