Episode 25 – Mini Events How Two Medieval

Join Ari and Matt as they talk about their ideas of what constitutes a mini event, how they differ from meetings or large events, and some considerations involved in any event big or small.  Show Notes:  Reenactors Insurance Pilgrim Progress Challenge Music by Paul Butler

Episode 24 – Backstories to Personas and Impressions How Two Medieval

Join Ari and Matt as they discuss the benefits of generating a detailed backstory for your impression, when a backstory crosses over into the territory of creating a character and not a personal, and at what point backstory may have diminishing returns for one's living history experience. The intro music for this episode is an arrangement of a cantigas on citole by Paul Butler. His music and a copy of his album can be found at Paul Butler's Music. 

Episode 23 – Mini Episode Four (Impressions) How Two Medieval

In this mini episode Ari gives his thoughts on the specificity of impressions, and how they should (or rather shouldn't) necessarily interact with each other. 

Episode 22 – Martial vs. Civilian Impressions How Two Medieval

Come join Ari and Matt as they discuss the various nuances and differences in approaching and executing martial and civilian living history impressions.  Mentioned in today's episode:  Exploring the medieval farmer Exploring the medieval hunt

Episode 21 – Art of the Sword Conference (Before and After) How Two Medieval

Join Ari and Matt as they discuss the Art of the Sword Conference both a few days before the event, and in the cathartic afterglow a week later. Sword Conference Recordings – Pilgrim Progress Challenge Homepage  The Turnip of Terror Facebook  History Live North East Facebook  The Turnip of Terror Instagram History Live Northeast Instagram