Episode 35 – Contrasting Classical Reenactment How Two Medieval

Join Ari and Matt as they discuss the differences between Classical and Medieval impressions with their friend Ben of The Missouri Order of Moderately Civilized Knight Guys. We do briefly discuss white supremacy and coopted historical symbolism.  As always thanks to Paul Butler for allowing us the use of his music for our intro. 

Episode 34 – Mini Episode Five (Personas w/ Matt) How Two Medieval

On today's bonus episode join Matt as he takes you down some of his thoughts expanding on the ideas of personas. 

Episode 33 – The Anthropology Perspective with Madeleine Smith How Two Medieval

Join Ari and Matt as they talk to special guest Madeline Smith of the Actually Interesting History podcast about the insights anthropology can lend to the study of the past and by extension living history impressions.  Show Notes:  Madeleine Smith, Actually Interesting History   Instagram  Podcast RSS A special thanks to Paul Butler for allowing us to use his music. 

Episode 32 – H2M Reacts to The Green Knight and Last Duel Trailers How Two Medieval

Not only do Ari and Matt share their initial thoughts on these two films based only on their trailers, but they spend sometime discussing the complicated relationship between the medieval living history community and medieval themed movies produced by Hollywood.  Show Notes:  The Could Be Worse comic referenced. Paul Butler's Medieval Music

Episode 31 – Event Cooking How Two Medieval

Join Ari and Matt as they provide an overview of cooking at events or when camping, which generally involves cooking over an open flame. Also a shout out to Mike Baker and his new podcast Deconstructing History. Thank you Paul Butler's Medieval Music for permission to use his music in our intro.