Members of Neep Manor

Though most people have multiple impressions they are capable of portraying, such as gentry members generally having a common impression as well, most members of the Household of Dinthwaite tend to gravitate toward a “primary” impression, which is highlighted here.

Upper House

Lord of Neep Manor

Leo Aylin

AKA The Turnip of Terror, Ari is the creator of the internet resource by the same name and founder of the living history group The Household of Dinthwaite (Neep Manor.) His primary impression is of a minor knight and he enjoys medieval literature, games, sport, martial arts, and archery.

Lady of Neep Manor

Karley Aylin

The Lady of Neep Manor is the support and encouragement behind the throne. The daughter of a yeoman, Karley has adapted to the responsibilities and privileges of her position in the manor with aplomb. She is passionate about the protection and well-being of her family

Kaelyn Aylin

With no older brother, as the female heir to Neep Manor Kaelyn enjoys a fairly responsibility free life being cultivated into an appealing prospect for an advantageous marriage. She enjoys the dress up and sundry camp tasks. Her primary interests are in playing games, being silly, and medieval dolls.



Andrew is a Yeoman Farmer, having earnt his wealth post black death he is one of the new farmer capitalists owning a large farm, employing many workers of his own. As a loyal member of Neep manor, he lends aid when called on by the Lord of the Manor though tending to his own affairs keeps him busy.