The Medieval Territorial Interpretation Trust

The formation and administration of a medieval village for the sole and exclusive use of living history and reenactment purposes in the US focusing on historically accurate and aesthetically appropriate interior and exterior environments and resources allocated to conducting long term experiential and experimental archeology projects, funded by the establishment of an irrevocable trust which eliminates the competing financial motivations other sites such as open air museums wrestle with, which tend to sideline the endeavors of the medieval interpretation community.

While not directly a Turnip of Terror project, as a reenactment project this page will suffice as a tether between the resources page and the village project as it develops. Though I have been working on the logistics and concept for over a year new, at this point I am currently approaching larger organizations and individuals for pre-crowdfunding sponsorship support or pledges. This will serve to reduce the amount required for crowdfunding, increase consumer confidence, and allow institutional supporters to contribute in larger amounts than is typically expected of Kickstarter contributors, and thus give them more specific and unique control over the nature of their relationship to the site. For those interested in the development and progress, below is a preview to the Kickstarter which includes the bulk of the project’s concept and explanation. It also allows you to provide direct feedback there, if desired. However, as a preview link, the information on Kickstarter will change as it is improved and developed. At this time this page and this website will not be hosting notices of changes or updates, though it will once public fundraising is active. If you are interested in sponsorship or making a pre-Kickstarter contribution, contact Ari directly .

Preview Link