How Two Medieval Podcast

Episode 14 – Mini Episode One (Gifts!) How Two Medieval

In their debut mini-episode Ari and Matt take a moment to share with you the gifts they received over the holidays, talk a bit about the future, and announce a new contest for those musically inclined!

Episode 13: WWII Crossover featuring The Reenactor's Corner How Two Medieval

Today we are joined by the good folk over at The Reenactor's Corner where we compare and contrast WWII reenactment and medieval reenactment.  Hosted by: Todd of the Black Spear and Ari, The Turnip Of Terror Also debuting a super special guest and incoming host Matt Blazek of History Live North East.

Episode 12: little Q and A How Two Medieval

Ari and I take some time to answer a few question submitted by some listeners. We give our thoughts from selecting our periods to how we pack for an event. Thanks again to everyone listening, its been a fun project and we look forward to many more episodes. Todd of the Black Spear Ari, The Turnip Of Terror Toby's Harness Post Burnadette's Scammed Dress Video Mentions:  Ian Pursuing the Knightly Arts History Live North East

Episode 11: Camping part 1 How Two Medieval

In this episode Ari and I discuss what are the essentials to camping at a weekend event. We share lessons learned on tents, equipment and resources that you will need to survive a medieval weekend. This is only part 1, as there is so much more to talk about. Sorry for the long delay, we hope to get cracking at more episodes on a regular basis. Cheers and keep on re-enacting! Host: Todd of the Black Spear ( Host: Ari, The Turnip of Terror ( Link to our post for a Q/A:

Episode 10: Getting involved with your local education system How Two Medieval

We invite Matt Blazek to join us as we  discus how one can get involved with your local school system and more. Matt is the founder of "The Agincourt Soldier", a hand s on traveling history display. He travels around New England schools give hands on history seminars to 6-12th grades. Matt is also in the works on various other digital products with like minded people, to bring history to people who don't have direct access to museums. So fill your cup and enjoy our 10th episode! Todd Cornell- The Company of the Black Spears Ari- https: The turnip of terror // Matt Blazek-  The Agincourt Soldier History live north east-