How Two Medieval Podcast

Episode 19 – Digital Groups How Two Medieval

Join Ari and Matt as they discuss digital group activities and how forming online living history groups differ from creating in person ones.  The Swordsman Guild of Kansas City Archery Group Conversation on Facebook in the Medieval Soldiers group Armored Turnip Video Reenactment Rik's Video

Episode 18 – Mini Episode Three (Pass the Torch) How Two Medieval

In this episode Ari discusses his thoughts on embracing the new and empowering the next generation. 

Episode 17 – Camping Part 2: Glamping How Two Medieval

Join your hosts as they reprise the concept of medieval camping and explore, instead of the survival basics, some of the methods of camping in the most artistic and comfortable of ways. Host: Ari, The Turnip of Teror Host: Matt, Executive Director of History Live North East 

Episode 16 – Mini Episode Two (Cold Hike) How Two Medieval

Matt takes us along with him on a hike in cold weather to reflect on the conversation we had last week about tips for medieval clothing in cold weather. 

Episode 15 – Cold Weather How Two Medieval

Ari and Matt discuss the unique considerations when wearing medieval clothing while doing outside activities, such as hiking or camping. Find more from Ari at The Turnip of Terror Find more from Matt at History Live North East