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Episode 4: Choosing your impression continued How Two Medieval

Join us as we continue the discussion on how to choose or narrow down ones impression in medieval living history. We invited Ian LaSpina from Knyght Errant on Youtube to give us his two cents on the topic. Ian is a veteran to the North America living history community, not only known for his Youtube channel, but as the vice president of the "Days of Knights" event. This event is held in Lancaster Ohio annually and gathers some great living history groups through out the country. Please check out both his channel and the Days of Knights page as well. So sit back and enjoy!  Host: Todd of The Company of the Black Spear (  Host: Ari, The Turnip of Terror (  Guest: Ian of Knyght Errant (  Days of Knights (  Days of Knights on Facebook (

Episode 3: Choosing your Impression part#1 How Two Medieval

Ari and I discuss the factors of choosing a Medieval impression.  Various subject links: The Company of Black Spears ( The Turnip of Terror ( How Two Medieval on Facebook ( Knyght Errant "Putting the Middle Ages in Perspective" ( The Medieval Swordsman Guild  ( Days of Knights ( Tod's Workshop "Why Are Movie Swords Always Wrong? (An Armourers Thoughts)" ( Congratulations to Josh Warren our 100 Facebook Likes giveaway!

Episode 2: What is living History anyway? How Two Medieval

Welcome back. Today we introduce the concept of living history in the context we do it and compare it to the other similar and different medieval themed hobbies out there. Groups and resources mentioned in the episode below: Todd’s Group: The Company of the Black Spear ( Ari’s Website: The Turnip of Terror ( “The Boats”: Dana Point CA ( Days of Knights: Lancaster, OH ( The Society for Creative Anachronism aka The SCA ( Regia Anglorum ( Outremere Society ( Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia ( Dagorhir Battle Games ( Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Irwindale CA ( Kansas City Renaissance Festival ( Medieval Swordsman Guild  ( Battle of the Nations ( Dekovan Concord ( Pursuing the Knightly Arts: (

Episode 1: Who we are and what we are about How Two Medieval

Welcome to our first episode. Here we introduce ourselves and give a little background of our living history story. We also talk about what our intent is for the Podcast and why we are doing it. Below are a few links to the various groups we discussed in this episode. Again, thanks for listening and all feedback is welcomes. cheers! Knyght Errant: Medieval Swordsman Guild: Turnip of Terror: Pursuit of the Knightly Arts: