How Two Medieval Podcast

Episode 9: Interacting with the public How Two Medieval

So how do I talk to the public at open events? Join Ari and I as we discuss interacting with the public and the benefits of public events. Does one assume the a role entirely and interact in 1st person? Do you take a 3rd person approach or possibly combine the two? Interacting with the public is very rewarding. You can even benefit by attracting other to your group. Sit back and enjoy. Host: Todd of the Black Spear Host: Ari, The Turnip of Terror Bill Nye Ian laspina of Knyght Errant Matt Blazek of The Agincourt Soldier Tobias Capwell Medieval Woman Camlann Village Colonial Williamsburg Ocean institute Days of Knights Trevor of the Medieval Swordsman's Guild of Kansas City

Episode 8: Women and Living History How Two Medieval

Living History isn't just for the guys. Join us as we invite Ann Asplund on the show to give her point of view on Women in living history. She is a 22 year veteran of living History and talented craftswoman. We discuss some of the hurtles a woman faces joining the hobby as well as ways to find your persona. Sorry for the long delay, hope to get back on schedule. Hope everyone is safe out there ands washing your hands. Cheers! Notes from the Show: Ann's Facebook page Turnip of Terror Company of the Black Spears

Episode 7: Tips on how to start your own group How Two Medieval

Don't have a local group to join? Well start one! We invited long time Medieval enthusiast, Trevor Clemons to discuss just how to do that. Founder of the Medieval Swordsman Guild based in Kansas City, Trevor has over 30 years experience in Medieval activities. Together we discuss building up a group, setting goals, standards and mentoring new folks. So wash your hands, grab a drink and relax. Links to topics covered: Todd Cornell and the Company of the Black Spear ( Ari, The Turnip of Terror ( Kansas City Swordsman Guild of Kansas City ( Christian Tobler Author Page ( Kansas City Renaissance Festival ( La Belle Compagnie ( Historic Enterprises ( How to Win Friends and Influence People ( The Five Love Languages ( The Days of Knights ( Medieval Swordsman Guild of KC Discussion group on Facebook ( Die Schlachtschule (

Episode 6: What Do I Need To Start? How Two Medieval

Wonder what basic kit one needs to get started in the Hobby? Don't have a loaner pile in an established group. Don't fear, Join us as we give our idea of a basic kit one would need to start Medieval Living History for the 1390-1410 time period. If you do a later or earlier time period, you can tailor the idea to meet the period equivalent. Most groups or events have a minimum standard one needs to achieve to attend. A few requirements are visible hand stitching and period materials for your specific time. Remember, always have a friend or group veto something before a purchase. This will help you from wasting your time and money.  Sources mentioned: Todd ( Ari ( Medieval Tailor’s Assistant. 2nd Edition: Common Garments 1100-1480 by Sarah Tursfield ( Episode 5: To Buy or Make ( Lorifactor ( Tod's Workshop (

Episode 5: To buy or make? How Two Medieval

In this episode we discuss purchasing items vs. making them. Does one leap into creating medieval items or do you purchase from vetted merchants? The living History hobby leaves many aspects to learning new skills, but not everyone has the time and space. Join us as we give our opinion on the topic. Below you will find links to various merchants who deal in medieval items. This is just a few trustworthy merchants that sell quality items. We are not sponsored or endorsed by any of the business listed bellow. Aketon: is a Polish company who produces high end medieval clothes.  ( Historical Enterprises: HE makes quality replica clothing of various periods. they also sell a small amount of living history items. ( Sartor: This Czech Republic based company deals in period textiles of all kinds. ( Lorifactor: Based in Poland, they produce high quality belts,fittings, buckles and other items. ( SPES Medieval Market: Great little Polish company who sells various clothes and items. Though some patterns stray from sources. They carry loads of great camp items. ( Tod's Stuff: Tod produces hand made, high quality replicas from swords and crossbows. He also sells buckles, fittings and of there various medieval items. He hosts a youtube channel as well, where he often shows his wares. Top quality and accuarcy. ( Tod's Cutler: Same Tod and and same high quality knives and daggers.  ( Tent smiths: Producers of replica tents. ( Panther Primatives: Another historical tent producer. ( Vehi Mercatus: German based merchant who sells various medieval replicas. They sell great hand woven wool blankets, sure to keep you warm. ( Medieval Craft: Another medieval vendor who sells various Medieval items. ( Historical footwear from Fra: Fra produces quality footwear among other medieval leather goods. Quick turnaround and shipping times. ( Cap-a-pie: They produce hand made Maille. Based in the UK Cap-a-Pie has also started producing simulators for medieval combat. ( Davis Reproductions: Josh is a very talented artisan who specializes in sword and various medieval weapons. He also produces scabbards and other leather good. (