Neep Manor Online Archery Match

Hosted by The Turnip of Terror, the Neep Manor Online Archery Match is a monthly online “postal” style archery competition for medieval historians, reenactors, and medieval era bow archer enthusiasts. Compete from the comfort of your own home against the medievalist community across the globe for glory, prestige, and the ultimate privilege of choosing the course of fire for next month’s round! Continued reading for complete details and information on the rules.

Registration costs $3 per entrant per match. Members of the household deduct their membership from the cost of registration.

Current Match: Summer’s Day Shoot

Based on a 15th century competition.

Target: A 25 cm (just under 10 in) ring, either placed on the butt or inside the blue circle of a standard five color five or ten ring archery target.

Arrows: 3 at each range

Range: 10, 25, and 50 yards

Scoring: One point per arrow inside the ring. No golds counted this match. Maximum score 9 points.

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