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Overhaul – Rapa Armorial

Featured Image - Rapa ArmorialWhen reviewing all the links in the Turnip Patch Emporium of Useful Tools as I do monthly, I decided to give the Armorial a review, which I don’t regularly do. Going over it I found it to have a number of structural problems and formatting issues. Apart from basic inelegance, which I always try to avoid, it was not displaying properly on mobile devices. My ability to use the editor here on WordPress has improved drastically since I first made the Armorial, so I went through and spent the last few days rebuilding it from the ground up. It now displays on both desktop and mobile devices, those who have websites are properly linked, those who are missing from it have been emailed for copies of their arms to add to the rolls, and the entire list has been alphabetized. Enjoy.

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